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Finch Alumni Association Jessica Cosgrave Awards Procedure

When Jessica Finch Cosgrave founded Finch College in 1900 in New York City, she had a vision of not only a fine academic education for young women, but also that those women would use this knowledge to go on to become powers in their community. Today, Finch graduates have achieved great success in business and in giving back to their communities. 

The Jessica Cosgrave Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually by The Finch College Alumni Association Foundation Trust to honor today's outstanding alumnae. 

Nominations are solicited from all Finch alumnae. A Finch College alumna is defined as a person male or female, who attended the college and remained in good standing as a student for two years, four or less. 

Criteria for Nomination of a Candidate

Achievement must reflect a significant contribution to public life, the arts, business and/or volunteer work, which candidates have done in their community throughout the country or world. Nominees should be a respected and distinguished Finch Alumni who have demonstrated continued devotion to the Finch College motto Ineamus Meliora (strive toward the best), whose extraordinary achievement deserves acknowledgment and recognition. A selected Alumna must be a dues-paying member and present for the Jessica Cosgrave Awards presentation ceremony, usually held in New York City in May.

Procedure of Nomination and Selection

The Finch College Alumni Association Foundation Trust annually requests members for submissions of nominations. Nominations are to be made by completing the Proposed Candidate Form. In addition to completing the form and writing an accompanying letter of recommendation, the nominator should ask others who know the candidate to write letters to the Cosgrave Awards Committee. The President appoints the Cosgrave Awards Committee consisting of seven Finch alumnae with a range of years of attendance and backgrounds. The Committee is provided with a common understanding, and agreement of the criteria and, in great confidence, reviews all candidates and designates the honorees.


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