Future Events

Annual Jessica Cosgrave Awards Dinner

While the Cosmopolitan Club remains closed at the moment, we remain hopeful for a possible fall date. As we know more, we shall keep everyone informed.

Sneak preview:  Wesley Davidson was Chairman of the Finch Museum Committee her Junior and Senior years.  She worked for the renown gallery owner, Richard L. Feigen & Co. upon graduation.  More recently, she was a docent at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, and co-authored a book entitled When Your Child Is Gay: What You Need To Know              (Sterling, 2016).  She blogs for whenyourchildisaddicted.com and straightparent,gaykid and has a Facebook group:  Kids on Drugs: Signs, Risks and How to Get Help!


Susan Grace Galassi, Ph.D., is a graduate of New York Institute of Fine Arts. Recently retired from her Senior Curatorship at The Frick Collection, Susan is now teaching and writing.  She is an author of ten art books, including two on Pablo Picasso.


Ronny Cohen, Ph.D., also attended New York Institute of Fine Arts.  She is an AAA Art Advisor and Appraiser.  Ronny has penned many art articles.


Joannie Danielides owns her own public relations consulting firm, Danielides Communications, Inc.  It specializes in the arts, healthcare, education, and retail.  An award-winning public relations recipient, Joannie was the Press Secretary for Donna Hanover for eight years and a long-time friend of Mrs. Varian’s. 


The evening will prove to be an exciting inside look at the heady days of The Finch Museum and the careers it help foster.  Tune in!  

SPRING FINCH SALON: Fond Memories of The Finch Museum 

     -Tuesday, May 18

     -6:00 -7:30 P.M.(EST)

     -Via Zoom

Finch alumnae Ronny Cohen, Joannie Danielides, Wesley Davidson, and Susan Grace Galassi will share their personal anecdotes and memories about the illustrious Finch Museum and its beloved director, Elayne Varian. (At the end of the discussion, we hope everyone will join-in and contribute their own personal memory.) 


     -Wednesday, June 16

     -6:00-7:00 P.M. (EST)

     -Via Zoom

Each Spring, we set aside a special evening to celebrate all of our remarkable Finch Scholars - both past and present.  In years past, we’ve enjoyed elegantreceptions at the beautiful home of Finch alum, Ginger Runes Najar.  While it’s still too soon for a traditional get-together, the magic of ZOOM will allow us to honor our many extraordinary Scholars!   Finch Committee Members, Susan Warren, Huiling Cai, and Lois Ziegler are planning what is sure to be a memorable event!

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