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  • Bruce, Naa Odartsoe Tsotsoe | Essex County CC to New Jersey City College

  • Chen, Yueli | Queensborough CC to Stony Brook University

  • Gonzalez-Bonilla, Angee Lizeth | Essex County CC to Montclair State University

  • Grise, Barbara | Borough of Manhattan CC to Smith College

  • Guillen, Carmen | Westchester CC to Pace University

  • Shibuya, Naomi | Westchester CC to SUNY Cobleskill

  • Jiang, Yi (Jane) |Queensborough CC to Queens College

  • Jones, Ekaterina - Monroe CC to (Clemson) Graduated Geneseo University

  • Ritchie, Tanya Michele | Borough of Manhattan CC to Smith College or Mt Holyoke College 

  • Rosania, Marguerite | Rowan College at Gloucester County to Rowan University

  • Shue, Amey | LaGuardia CC to NYU Steinhardt School

  • Zheng, Jiahui | LaGuardia CC to Baruch

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