• Chen, Peishan (KC) | Kingsborough CC to Smith College 

  • Figueroa, Vivian | Bergen County to Southern New Hampshire University

  • Jusiega, Monika | Bergen County CC to William Patterson

  • Coley, Kimone | Westchester to Smith College

  • Lane, Derya Yidirim | Norwalk CC to University of Pennsylvania

  • Milhailescu, Cristina | Laguardia to Columbia

  • N'Gozan, Justine Benie | Housatonic CC to University of Texas, Arlington

  • Paulk, Shaumane Raquel |Norwalk CC to Ohio State

  • Reed, Cassie Lynn | Ulster County CC to University of Rochester

  • Rosado, Gabriele | Hudson County to Columbia General Studies

  • Shin, Run Jung | Queensborough to Queens College 

  • Unterweger, Emilie | Borough of Manhattan CC to Columbia School of General Studies

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